How I love the Shore


Jerry Sweeney – Life on the Shore and What I’m Writing About:

In the Seventies, when I worked on the “Hill,” I spent weekends in St. Michaels and came to appreciate the water-bound Eastern Shore. When it came time to retire and I began to hunt around for a place, the local real estate lady said, “We get a lot of people down here from Long Island and they all say the Shore is what Long Island looked like seventy-five years ago. And right she was. And came, I did.
I decided in the 90’s when I retired that I wanted to write a series of seven novels called the “Columbiad” that would express my feelings about the wonderful/horrible Twentieth Century, based on the experience of my family and me.

I have self-published five of those novels over the last dozen years since I’ve lived in the Easton area. I’m almost finished with the sixth, and look forward to starting the final seventh.
The five (available at the News Center) are Eagles Rising about my family’s journey from Ireland to Iowa to Chicago to New York (an historical novel); First Lights about a confused grade school kid who finds solace in the strength of his own hormones (a coming of age novel); Crashing Into Sunrise, the sequel about the same badass kid who finds enlightenment through the pursuit of knowledge (another coming of age novel); Yo! Columbia, the love story of a bi-racial couple working in the madcap Manhattan magazine business in the Eighties who search for the lost opera of Scott Joplin (a quest novel); Wizard Ho! Is about searching through New York to find a Wizard who is the voice of the Twentieth Century and who appears in all the novels. The Wizard has been running a rogue radio station since the development of the medium and is finally disclosed by the same couple (again a quest novel).


Edit: We’ll get more from Jerry about his marketing ideas in the future.


2 thoughts on “How I love the Shore

  1. Yo! Columbia is my favorite of Jerry’s books that I’ve read so far, and I look forward to reading more. Jerry works amazingly hard as ESWA’s current president, and is an all-around stand-up guy. Bravo, Jerry!


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