ESWA helps to develop creative writing in our community

AReport to the Membership:
As you may recall, ESWA has created a parallel organization called ESWA Education Fund that will include the Bay-to-Ocean Conference, the Delmarva Review, ESWA workshops and any other educational pursuits that arise. ESWA has taken this action to seek local, state and federal grants
ESWA itself will continue to promote writing in the region through monthly meetings, social media, book fairs, library and bookstore readings, book prizes etc.
Today the ESWA Board agreed to transfer $4000 to the Ed. Fund as start-up money. The fiscal year for EEF will be January-June (per the IRS with agreement from the Board not to change it). Current officers will fill the four slots outlined in the Ed. Fund by-laws: Gerald Sweeney. President, Wilson Wyatt (from the DR) VP, Denise Clemons, Sec-Treas. and Judy Reveal (from the BTO) at-large. New elections will be held in June.
Anyone willing to help on grant proposals is welcome and should contact me.
I would be pleased to hear your comments.

Jerry Sweeney


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