Susan Jones, a true wordsmith of the Eastern Shore Writers Association

WORDS’ WORTH(c) (Susan Jones) was born in Oregon and grew up there, at the end of a canyon, in a beautiful, sequestered setting homesteaded by her Swedish bachelor immigrant great uncle. Frequent trips back and forth to Portland for piano and clarinet lessons rounded out a life filled with school and school activities, family, and church. Contests, recitals, youth orchestra, summers at Aspen and Tanglewood – these punctuated her years at college, where she earned her degree, with honors, in German. Then came marriage, two children, and a musical career teaching and performing professionally in Portland. In 1980, a hopscotch odyssey eastward began – first to Minneapolis, then Indianapolis, and finally Washington, DC. It was in Indianapolis that WORDS’ WORTH(c) decided to earn a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science; and much to her surprise, found herself working – not in a public library as she had imagined – but in a corporate library setting. And it was there that fellow employees asked her to begin the word-of-the-week service that eventually developed into WORDS’ WORTH(c). Perhaps it was her father’s relish in reciting his repertoire of favorite verse, such as The Walrus and the Carpenter, The Deacon’s Masterpiece, The Antiseptic Baby and the Prophylactic Pup, Casey at Bat, etc. Or perhaps it was soaking in the words and melodies of the Lutheran hymnal. The love of words, verse, melody, rhythm, and performance combined and clicked and gelled into WORDS’ WORTH(c). For several years, WORDS’ WORTH(c) divided her time between professional life in DC (still a corporate librarian) and writing verse on an island off Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the Chesapeake Bay. However, unplanned events prompted a move back all the way to the West Coast, and she spent close to four years happily basking in the sunshine of Orange County, California. Can you spell ricochet? WORDS’ WORTH(c) is now back on her Eastern Shore island in the Chesapeake and keeping the California connection alive by living part-time in Long Beach.

Susan's delightful book

Susan’s delightful book


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