Stephanie Kendall, an Eastern Shore writer with the Honga River in her blood


Rarely in my reviews of writers and their craft have I come across a more believable reporter of the culture of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Check out her book A Decade in Dorchester which describes in photographs and simple sentences the culture and people of Toddville where she and her husband have a home. What struck me immediately is her knowledge of the important of the boats of the men and women who ply the nearby Honga River for seafood. Workboats in this part of the world are part of the family and Kendall’s dialogue and photographs treat them as such.

kendal book

In her own words she describes her writing and photography career.”I am an author and photographer. I made 3 pictorial books about Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I love nature & pet photography. I also make & sell jewelry. I am an artist and avid fossil collector. I have been photographing nature, animals and still life since I was 7 years old (1974). When I was in 9th grade I won a photo contest with a beautiful lush green waterfall scene that I took in Canada. I took photography classes all throughout school and used to do my own black & white developing. In 2006 I discovered digital technology and went through several point and shoot cameras before finally getting a Nikon Coolpix L105. I have now upgraded to a Nikon Coolpix P510 (16mp with 42x optical zoom). My favorite subjects to shoot are seascapes, pets, wildlife, flowers, landscapes and macro (close-up) shots. I am just breaking into the Wedding portraits field. I shot my first wedding on October 6, 2012. I expect to continue to improve on my style and technique. I really enjoy photo editing/special effects. I have made 2 pictorial books about Dorchester County, MD. The second book also includes Calvert Cliffs. I am currently working on a book showcasing the beautiful dogs in my area. Please look around my site and view all my photos in my portfolio.”

Marketing her craft is to her a community affair. Working with her fellow writers seems to come naturally to this true artist. Here she helps others as volunteer with the Eastern Shore Writers Association booth  at the Baltimore Book Show.

kendall show

But Stephanie will always be one of us, an Eastern Shore person with the Honga River in her blood.

kendal rowing


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