Leona Illig- A writer for all seasons


To write well an author has to have experiences to relate, to know people well, and to have many interests. Leona Illig is one of those people.  She’s first a respected children’s book critic, no simple task, for the Children’s Literature Company. As a result of this experience, we’re waiting for her own first young people story and perhaps a young adult novel for that growing and terrific market.

She shares her husband’s interest in astronomy. On a gamble she was able to penetrate a tough editorial acceptance threshold and publish a delightful article for the well known and prestigious magazine, Sky and Telescope. The article tells humorous anecdotes of the construction of a neighbor pleasing backyard seven foot observatory.

illig ostronomy

Here are the first lines of one of her short fiction stories which this editor particularly enjoyed. It’s published in Residential Aliens, a  speculative fiction magazine, resaliens.com.


by L. Upton Illig

“Running at the speed of light, racing ’till she’s out of sight—magnifico! Was she under 1:10?”
“What?” The boy’s hand twitched and his stopwatch fell to the ground. Its face peered up at him through broken glass. “Sorry. I missed it.” The bay filly he had been clocking hurtled around the backstretch and, with a flick of her long tail, disappeared around the turn.
“Madre de Dios! What’re you doing?”
“I said I was sorry.”
The groom backed away from the rail and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Sure. You’ll be okay. You give it some time.”

Leona has worked hard to develop her wordsmith skills and pay her dues in the writing marketplace. Enjoy her blog of her experiences at http://leonawrites.wordpress.com.

Check out her thoughts below about the benefits of the Eastern Shore Writers Association.

“I belong to a few writers’ associations, including the ESWA, and I can honestly say that they have all helped me in one way or another. ESWA members, in particular, have always been very approachable and ready to help with questions or advice. In my own experience, The Bay-to-Ocean Conference is one of the best conferences around. It’s one of the few where you can find writers, editors, publishers, social-media experts, and agents all under one roof. A few years ago I attended a session on creating blogs and websites. I learned enough information to enable me to create one from scratch. If you haven’t been to the conference, plan to go!”


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