Writing and crabcakes

amy schisler

Amy MacWilliams Schisler of Bozman, Maryland has been writing all of her life for fun and as a freelance writer.

schisler home

The strange looking plant on this farm in Southern Maryland is tobacco, a crop deep in the history of Maryland. She grew up in this storied region of the Chesapeake and unlike many local writers she can tell  stories of both the Eastern Shore and the Western Shore  heritage in her work.

“I love writing in Bozman (my home on the Eastern Shore)because it’s such an idyllic place, and to be honest, it is so similar to Bushwood, where my grandparents lived.  It is a very tiny fishing community at the end of a peninsula.  Driving down to Bozman, you will pass many fields that are filled with crops in the summer and deer and geese in the fall and winter.  I talk about those fields and describe the area in my next suspense novel, Picture Me (2015).  We live in the woods, so it’s quiet and serene.  My favorite place to write is in our sunroom where I can look out into the woods and see whatever creatures come out to say hello.  I almost always have my camera with me wherever I am, and I have some beautiful pictures of deer, woodpeckers, and Bald Eagles in our yard.

a place to call home

Her new novel, A Place to Call Home, brings us the story of little girls, Cassie and Ellie, caught in a terror of homelessness and despair. Here’s the entrancing beginning:

“’Look, Ellie, here’s a whole banana,’ Cassie whispered as she

pulled the soft banana out of the garbage and brushed bits of sticky

white rice off the darkened peel with her fingers. ‘It just has one

bad spot on it, and I can break that off,’ she told her sister handing

her the fruit.

A hedge enclosed the back yard, and a tall white gate separated

the area from the side and front of the property hiding the little

girls as they sifted through the plastic trashcans outside of the rear

garage door.

The little fair-haired girl looked skeptically at her older sister

but took the half of banana she offered. She stared at it for just a

second before mashing it into her mouth, almost swallowing it

whole. She greedily licked her dirty fingers not wanting to waste

any of the fruit, the first bite of food she’d had since the afternoon



schisler book show

Amy markets her work with a mix of book shows and Amazon as  well as Facebook and a well written blog. What a lot of fans don’t know is that she can cook excellent crab cakes from an old family recipe.

For more information about the author, please visit her website at AmySchislerAuthor.com and her author page on Goodreads, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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