A new kind of Santa Claus

Travel by the Bear Trap Dunes community in Ocean View, Delaware,and you are bound to meet
Frank Hopkins, who writes from his studio there near the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.Frank is
a Sixties Liberal who stands by those wonderful goals. He fights for women’s rights and for open government, targets for which he keeps the torch bright.

frank hopkins eswa

Frank is the first to tell his fans that The Delmarva Peninsula is an ideal location for authors, who receive support for two excellent writing organizations. These are the Eastern Shore Writing Association (ESWA) and the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild (RBWG).

His new book on Amazon Kindle, The Opportunity, was written as a result of years of experience in government contracting in Washington. His book begins “Amy, you look like a hooker.” Is she? You’ll find out. From that page on you know you are in the hands of a master, one who takes you through a fascinating plot of sex for information and highly charged contract competition between very powerful government contractors. It’s the kind of book where you not only learn something but you are also entertained right to the last page. He accomplishes his goal as writer to open up to us the tawdry procurement business of our government.

opportunity book

Search the internet where Hopkins excels and you’ll find his blog http://www.politicalsantaclausstories.com/
a home of stories that will insure your eyes get opened. He calls them Santa Claus Stories. He has a fan base who want honesty in government and are willing to write about it. On his numerous blogs you’ll read about immigration reform, women’s rights, affordable health care, voter’s rights, government corruption, and reproductive freedom. Get your marching sign dusted off and come meet a compatriot, a new kind of Santa Claus.


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