A Maryland poet of the new generation

meg eden meg ryan beach

Meg Eden’s work has been published in various magazines, including Rattle, Drunken Boat, Eleven Eleven, and Rock & Sling. Her work received second place in the 2014 Ian MacMillan Fiction contest. Her collections include “Your Son” (The Florence Kahn Memorial Award), “Rotary Phones and Facebook” (Dancing Girl Press) and “The Girl Who Came Back” (Red Bird Chapbooks). She teaches at the University of Maryland. It’s not hard to read interviewers of Meg in social media. All enjoy her poetic brilliance.

A Week With Beijing Cover Proof 1

Her “about to be published” chapbook, A Week with Beijing, is filled with the same beautiful words as her other chapbooks. This passage gives a taste of her reflections when encountering the Chinese. You’ll agree it’s bound to win another literary prize.

“I said I wanted to hear
all about her -what she believes
in, where she goes for daily
fun, the names of her friends
and what they hope to become-
but she said there are some things
that shouldn’t be talked about”

Meg (or pegleg meg as she may sometimes sign her poetry and fiction) works hard in various channels to promote her books. Students at her various lectures know her for expertise in the smaller press marketplace of the Internet. In social media, she has an entrancing facebook page, https:///facebook.com/megedenwritespoems. Its water photographs let us know that this a serious Maryland wordsmith who loves the Chesapeake. Here she is at a bookstore gaining more fans.
meg eden selling


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