good writing about evil racism

pain of racism

What should have been an enjoyable evening between husband and wife turns into a painful trip down memory lane. Prompted by the powerful theme of South Pacific, Brandy Grey confronts her past of abandonment and lies and determines to close the chapter that has been haunting her, her entire life the carefully hidden secret of her heritage. Follow author Dr. Fran White through the mysteries, drama, and tears in her search for Family Secrets: A Journey of Good and Evil

Fran FB color

Dr. Fran White is a psychologist and marriage and family therapist who has been in private practice for over three decades. She was a columnist for her regional newspaper and has written about human behavior and problem solving. Fran resides in Maryland with her husband, Tom, and is a grandmother of nine grandchildren.

Fran gives a fine talk on the subject. Here she is at a past presentation, THE PAIN OF RACISM, on at the the Maritime Museum in St. Michael’s Maryland.

fran white lecture

(ed.) The Eastern shore has been home in its history to many types of racism. We know of the slavery but do we also remember the treatment of the early native Americans, the resettlement of the Acadians, the treatment of the displaced persons from World War Two, and of course the local civil rights discrimination of recent years? Of particular local interest for this author’s work is the fact that the play South Pacific mentioned in her work, was partly scored by Hammerstein. Hammerstein also worked on the music for the play of Edna Ferber’s novel of racism, Showboat. Particularly interesting is the fact that Ferber wrote the book while staying on the Floating Theatre or showboat that roamed the 1920’s on the local Maryland tidewater.

Watch for more incisive work from this ESWA author. Fran has been contracted to write five children’s books on subjects of child insecurity. Check out her website at and her blog at


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