Good ol’boys

brent lewis book bloody point“Don’t touch it, dingle dick.” that was one of the first things Harris Bradnox ever said to Tooey Walter. Tooey had lived every minute of this twenty years among Chesapeake Bay watermen, so “Don’t touch it, dingle dick” didn’t seem like such an impolite way to begin a working re lationship much less a conversation.”

So starts the adventure of a country boy meeting city people in a scary murder mystery set in Maryland. One editor said the book rivals Carl Hiaasens’s “style of breakneck pacing, vivid characters, sense of place and plot. (It is) A tightly plotted caper with a strong ambience and a cast of film noire characters that would thrill Robert Mitchum.” This editor thinks so too.


Brent Lewis is a native Eastern Shoreman of the Chesapeake Bay. He has published two nonfiction books about the region, Remembering Kent Island: Stories from the Chesapeake and a History of the Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department. For over a decade he conducted the oral histories program for the Kent Island Heritage Society. Brent has published numerous magazine articles about the Chesapeake Bay and its people.

brent lewis sales

Brent will be the first author to tell you that to sell books, you have to meet the readers. He has spent much of his time doing just that and is a  popular member of the various book shows around the Eastern Shore. This fall, he will sign his books  at the Eastern Shore Writers Association Booth at the Baltimore Book Festival in September at Fells Point.


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