A shaman from Maryland

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From War-ne-la, describing her shamanic meditation, “I would fly from the top of a tree to reach the upper world, and as soon as I got above the clouds, I could see lots of bright lights.”

Fictional War-ne-la Medici is not your average teenager. She is named after a shaman from her mother’s British Columbian Kwakiutl tribe, and her father’s heritage includes some Australian Aborigine. If her dark complexion and piercing blue eyes aren’t enough to set her apart from the other kids at her school, her vivid dreams are. War-ne-la’s dreams and shamanic journeys take her to a mysterious state of mind where she can often see the future. Her spiritual vision quest in the Blude Ridge Mountains of Virginia reveals clues about her future. Each step toward maturity is filled with adversity, conflict and occasional danger. When a judge is murdered in the city where she lives, the killer’s identity is made known only to her. War-ne-la begins a quest for justice that will forever changer her life and the lives of many others. War-ne-la learns the secret to her survival is in understanding where her gifts come from and how to use them.

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The author has created this fictional person War-ne-la to illustrate the world of the shaman. The appeal of this book is evident. Mention that you are reading a really good book about shamans and you’ll arouse instant interest. Shaman history and lore reach into our own religious history in the most interesting way. Our human story extends back to the campfires of our early existence and the ones we honored there for wisdom about living and survival.These men and women became the religious figures of a later age. Some of them established the tradition of modern medicine as they began with touching with hands and taught of herbal healing. The modern shamans still teach in all cultures. What Edelson has done is to show us how these people are present  in all cultures.

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Joyce is an outstanding member of Rotary in Maryland. She works with Books for International Goodwill and has studied at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She markets her insightful book on Amazon and with various book shows and stores.

Available at http://www.amazon.com/Rock-Creek-Shaman-Joyce-Edelson/dp/0982335407/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1440775494&sr=1-1


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