Dance of love

“He stopped to check for new messages on the gay chat forum he had discovered . The  Web was good but hoping to find a friend who would turn out to be more than just an online acquaintance  was not so simple.

EXHIBITIONIST:  want 2 hook up?    not with someone who can’t spell. delete

BOOKLVR:  are you new here?    more my speed. save for later.

NIGHTMAN:  where are you , man?   loser .  No where you can find me.” 

selection from Lost and Found on the Dance Floor.


fretz  book

The area of southern Delaware in and around Rehoboth Beach has long had a large community of LGBT vacationers and homeowners. Into this resort area come many couples looking for a romantic setting. Sean and Harry are one such couple who travel there for a summer weekend, in search of a few days of lounging on the beach, and dancing at night. What they encounter during their time there is a series of unexpected events, which cause them to re-evaluate their relationship and their own motivations. This is also a broader story of a generation of gay men whose lives have changed dramatically from their past, from which they are making a final break. They are uncertain of what they want and need, sometimes still haunted by families and other people left behind.”  from  the author.

fretz photo

“Philip Fretz lived mainly in the Philadelphia area, graduated from Haverford College, served two plus years in the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, West Africa, then two years in the U.S. Army. After 36 years in the field of computer services, he moved to Delaware, became a member of the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild, and an active participant in the University of Delaware Osher Life Long Learning Institute in Lewes, DE. He is the author of a memoir of his Peace Corps service, ‘Softball, Snakes, Sausage Flies and Rice.’ ”  

My take:  This is as good a story about gay life as the classic Three Junes by Julia Glass.  It gives us  the softness of gay love and the sorrow of a breakup between two lovers. To any writer the true purpose of a story is to share the human condition with the reader. This book does that.

Fretz shares his book at gay festivals in Delaware. He attends most of the Eastern Shore Writers Association workshops to improve his craft. Recently his site on Amazon has been marked with five star reviews for Lost and Found on the Dance Floor. The editor can’t wait for his next book. He also hopes the wonderful illustrations will continue.




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