How to survive dying

moretimeer hide from death 3 april 2016

 “Their eyes didn’t miss one tiny detail. The long thin cut across the throat, the pool of crimson sticky liquid running down the body and covering the ground, the agonized look in the seemingly lifeless yes, the bruises on the chest beneath the streaks of blood and covering the face. Nor did they miss the deep lacerations on the jaw and forehead or the rope around the neck, just under the chin suspending him in midair from a thick tree branch.”

From To Hide from Death III: Death comes no more  Theresa Moretimer ‘s latest novel available on Amazon.


theresa mortimer photo

This writer uses an effective style of  short paragraphs and strong active phrasing that attracts immediate attention. This book is hard to put down.

Theresa Moretimer is an award winning author who began writing the To Hide from Death series after her own experience with domestic violence where she came close to losing her own life in a violent altercation. She made it through with the help of her family, children and friends, as well as the care of her doctors. She believes in always looking at the bright side of things and deeply believes in the power of prayer. She has spoken publicly in her home state of Maryland for the governor to help end this tragedy. She also speaks to students to teach them the warning signs of domestic violence in the hopes of preventing future cases and encourages her fans to email her, especially if they would like to hear her lectures at their college or school. Theresa lives on a small farm with her children and loves animals of all sorts. She has regular game and movie nights with her family and goes ghost hunting and camping with them and her friends. She loves horseback riding, fishing and crabbing as well as writing, reading and cooking. She loves spending holidays with her family and teaching her children how to prepare recipes both new and old. Theresa welcomes comments from her fans and encourages them to follow their dreams. “If I save but one person, I have helped someone”

Here Theresa meets with the Deputy Governor of Maryland to discuss battered women programs.

mortimer hide from death 3 april 2016

But this is not all. As an animal activist myself, I applaud her work with homeless horses. These animals require space and food, not to mention love. This work she undertakes at her own expense as very few charities have the wherewithal to help horses, not to mention another animals.

moretimer horse


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