Second hit novel from Maryland author


“The setting sun dipped behind the horizon, turning the bay a dark burgundy. The only sound was their paddles dipping in and out of the water as June and Beth Ann glided back toward Annie Crow Knoll.  From the front of the canoe, June could see that, although it was getting darker, no one was waiting for them on the dock.  Grace wasn’t there wringing her hands over her daughter.  Nor was Nate standing, as he sometimes did, with hands on hips, looking disapprovingly at June for something she did or didn’t do.  This time it would’ve been for not wearing her life vest.  Neither of them did on the return trip.  They hadn’t discussed it.  They both simply hadn’t bothered.  June couldn’t help but laugh to herself.  After all the fuss about their safety in the canoe, here they were, two women willing to take their chances.  She wondered if drowning could be a more palatable option to the uncertain future Beth Ann faced.  Neither of them was afraid to die, but the difference between them, as June saw it, was that Beth Ann had never been afraid to live.”

From Sunset.


priest sunset 2016

priest kayak 2016


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