From a wooden box-an epic story


“Sarah Morgan is on her side. She stretches her legs and shifts her body beneath the muscled arm circled to her stomach. The bed creaks. Except for an angle of shale-rose light pulsing across the dresser from the diner sign in front of the motel, the room is dark”wilson book

From A Taste of Salt by Harold O Wilson

 “In A Taste of Salt, Wilson has painted an unsettling picture of time: time carried in a small chest faced with an archetypal circular design and the date 1810. Its dark contents resonate across the years from the Georgia frontier to a strange diner in small town Maine in 1967. In the chest are ordinary articles that testify to unspeakable events from the past: events that refuse to resign their hold on the present. Reconciliation with the past is at the heart of Wilson’s novel: reconciliation that comes slowly and with difficulty for Wilson’s characters. And even then it comes only momentarily. The irony of Wilson’s tale is that the only character free of this struggle is a slave.” Amazon précis

wilson photo a taste of salt 20-16

Wilson ‘s writing is like a “bright blue sky with an energetic sun surrounded by white thick clouds of surprise.”You will be pleased with the literary style of this author as he tells the saga story of these characters.

And Wilson can tell us much about marketing. Join him at a book signing for A Taste of Salt  on July 9 from 10:00 to 1:00 at the News Centre of Easton. A short reading and discussion will follow as well around 11:00..






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