A book you can’t stop reading

gillen moments of truth

“The President (Johnson) , before I could lead him to Dr. Horn, pulled me aside to say, “Boy, you couldn’t find your ass with both hands.” This embarrassing remark was clearly heard by Dr. Horn, who up to that moment considered me to be an important person”

Oh, how those of us who have worked in government can sympathize with the author on this one.  Sometimes working with the great reminds us over and over just how un- great these people are. The book is fearless in telling just how the author experienced the times and people of that Vietnam era, reported honestly and thoughtfully. It’s a read we can’t put down as it will constantly remind us of ourselves, the mark of good literature.

You’ll want to make your own index of the pages too as you go along. Some of these comments and recollections are so juicy you’ll want ot refer back again and again.

Buy at Createspace at   https://www.createspace.com/4939630

neal gillen eswa

Gillen’s reputation in law and management provides a ready market for his books of which there are many. He’s a well known teacher of the art of the writing too as he assists in various workshops throughout the Maryland area. Check into the Eastern Shore Writers Association news to find his next workshop.


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