A barn swallow shows us how

the story of fufu

The Story of Fufu, Stephanie Kendall, Available at Amazon as a colorful paperback ISBN 1514647273  $17

The Story of Fufu is a classic photo story of barn swallows bringing up children, no two ways about it.  When I gave a copy to a little girl I know, she ran off and devoured it, the way interested children do, as if the barn swallow mother were talking only to her. To her, I think, these bird parents taught about their similarity to human parents, something good for a child to know. It is perhaps an insight into parental love, as well as survival.

It’s primarily a children’s book but it could be interesting to adults too. Just for fun, I looked into children’s literature and found characteristics that all good books in this genre follow.

First off, Stephanie portrays the wonder of everyday life, especially motherhood and family. Second, she has a happy ending. Third, she shows the simplicity of natural family life. Fourth, she details this life in an easy to understand way, using photography.  Fourth, she shows the happy results of perseverance towards a goal.  Fifth, and so important for many readers, in the writing, she uses simple phrases and words to tell the story.  Plus, the photographs are professional and taken with attention to color. The author is known in her home area, on the southern Eastern Shore of Maryland, as “fuji” for her constant use of Fujifilm in her nature work.

If you have ever wondered who started putting out all those bluebird nesting boxes in fields across the country, well, it was Stephanie’s grandfather, the famous birder and bluebird expert, Doctor Lawrence Zeleny.  He was a pretty good influence for such a graceful birder as our writer.

Check out Stephanie’s Internet store for her other wonderful Chesapeake nature products at www.bonanza.com/booths/tolbunt5

Stephanie, give us more of these stories. They are good for all of us.

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