Great Chase Mystery

whitehill dog and bitchReading Dog & Bitch Island, the new novel by Robert Blake Whitehill, was an armchair pleasure.(Dog& Bitch Island, Amazon Kindle, $6.99)  Being an Eastern Shore Marylander like Whitehill, I certainly feel homsick when I discover  a Chesapeake novelist  of this caliber and sit back with a whiskey to enjoy his stuff. Unfortunately this book is an exciting page turner, so it doesn’t give me a very long sit back. But if you’ve never been in an Eastern Shore country western honky tonk, get ready to enjoy the fight at this  bar.

The story is about helping the government suits discover the perp who murdered Travis Cynter , Ben Bradshaw’s SEAL buddy.  Get ready for a chase scene, the best I’ve read in a long time, around the staid streets of Bermuda. Also, if you like submarines, here’s a story  to match the movie U-571.  And, all the time Bradshaw  chases the killers, his pregnant wife is tagging along, shooting her share of villains.

In this technical age, readers love an author who writes detail. Whitehill will inform you, as soon as he mentions a gun in the hand of a fighter, what make and model  it is and sometimes even its ballistics.  Whitehill  has won plaudits at the Hamptons International Film Festival and the Hudson Valley Film Festival for his incisive, often humorous, and definitely powerful style.

So get ready to enjoy a writer who will impress even the Clive Cussler fans. Whitehill’s books so far also include Deadrise, Nitro Express, Tap Rack Bang and Geronimo Hotshot. His website is                   Review by Thomas Hollydaywhitehill face


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